Afro House Productions, LLC is the manifestation of Scott Patterson’s lifelong dream to have a space that serves as a laboratory for his musical creations. It endeavors to craft new music by utilizing elements of rock, classical, and soul music, and bring it to audiences through live performances. In addition to developing new sounds, Afro House also collaborates with artists working in various mediums, such as performing arts, photography and film to add a visual representation of the stories told through the music.



In 2002 the concept for Afro House began to take shape. While living in New York City Scott Patterson  composed for and performed in a three piano trio called 3piano3 and the jazz quartet Color4. Both groups enabled him to enhance his skills as a pianist and a composer, yet he felt as though there was something missing in his life.

A solo hike from Georgia to West Virginia on the Appalachian Trail in 2006 helped Scott fill the void that existed in 2002 and played a critical role in helping to realize his dream. While on the 600 mile trek through the mountains Patterson began to create a sound that mirrored the turmoil and the peace he experienced during his journey. The band Kojo Modibo Sun emerged. Scott served as its front man, and composed the band’s music and played keys. The band performed throughout New York City and produced its first album, The Ballad of Kojo Modibo Sun, which Patterson wrote, arranged and produced. The band’s sound was a mixture of Patterson’s numerous musical influences: Earth Wind and Fire, Jimi Hendrix, The Doors, Ray Charles, Bob Marley, and James Cleveland.

In 2011 Afro House sprouted roots and firmly planted itself into the fertile ground of the Washington, D.C. music scene. The marriage of Alisha and Scott Patterson in 2010 brought together the gifts of an organizational wizard and an incredibly talented musician. For Scott, the years of preparation came to an end and with Alisha the years of growing a business commenced.